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Holiday Feature

Holiday Feature

Our Holiday Feature: Flagship

This holiday season we are putting the spotlight on one of our long-standing core coffees - Flagship. From November 15 through to December 20, we'll donate a portion of the sales of this coffee to Foodshare, an organization working to help ensure Toronto families can feed themselves with dignity and joy.

Flagship  is available in four formats, including 12oz, 2lb, portion packs and compostable pods. This coffee represents our goal of finding balance in the cup. Always roasted for sweetness, this blend’s tasting notes often change to reflect the fresh coffees we have sourced for it. Look for a smooth, juicy cup with notes of apple and milk chocolate.


About Foodshare

FoodShare is committed to a Toronto where everyone can feed themselves, their family and their community with dignity and joy. We aim to centre food justice in their work by collaborating with local communities and taking their cue from those most affected by issues of food insecurity and poverty — Black and Indigenous people; people of colour; and people with disabilities. 

Food insecurity is complex — it’s more than geographic and economic barriers to food access. That’s why at FoodShare, food justice means working to dismantle systemic forms of oppression that exist in our food system and in our food movement. It means acknowledging that colonialism, capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy are some of the organizing principles embedded in our current food system, and work together to shape who gets a seat at the table, and who experiences the most food insecurity.